March 18, 2016

Venture developments & investments

web_Sisu-and-NasamsVenture developments

We take an active part in supporting development of new and start-ups businesses, by contributing both with expertize, networks and potentially financing.

Selectively we work with industrial partners on searches, screenings and nurturing promising and innovative ideas and ventures that create growth and future potential prospects.

We are seeking persons, ventures and companies with innovative solutions that will make a significant impact on the market. Predominantly, we are looking for entrepreneurs who can benefit from our involvement, know-how and experience.

  • If You are an entrepreneur, are you developing a venture where CAPTIUM could become your partner?
  • If you are an industrialist, do you want CAPTIUM to become your partner in searching for and investing into interesting ventures, where CAPTIUM will be the active partner supporting the development and looking after your investment?
  • if You running a Start-Up, Do you need a partner?

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DefendecOur investment focus

Our focus is on underperforming businesses and assets, where we take an active role in improving the performance, enable restructuring or implementing strategic change.

We invest in base industrial operations and SME’s, as well as in start-ups.

We are flexible not to be sector or industry specific and consider all stage transaction types, but prefer MBIs, turnarounds and corporate spin-offs.

If you want to dispose of a part of your business or have an investment enquiry, we could be your partner.


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