March 17, 2016



Change management & transformation execution

Our focus is on creating value for our partners by managing and facilitating the entire acquisition or divestment process, from target identification to deal closing and integration implementation. We are dedicated to understanding the strategic targets and proactively identifying valuable acquisition or divestment targets, that have the opportunity you are looking for… [read more]

Business development & advisory services

Are you looking for an independent and professional member for your board, a professional who can based on business experience, integrity and professionalism, help you develop your company’s and board’s performance? We engage in advisory assignments, like business development, industrial developments and restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, leadership resources, lobbying activities and… [read more]

Investments & venture developments

We take an active role in improving the performance, enable restructuring or implementing strategic change with underperforming businesses and assets. We work with industrial partners on searching, screening and nurturing promising and innovative ideas and ventures that create growth and future potential prospects… [read more]