March 17, 2016

Change management & transformation execution

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M&A Advisory & programs

Our focus is on creating value for our M&A partners by managing and facilitating the entire acquisition or divestment process, from target identification to deal closing and integration implementation. We are dedicated to understanding the strategic targets and proactively identifying valuable acquisition or divestment targets, that have the opportunity you are looking for, – while thereafter also in an acquisition process supporting an effective integration.

When organic growth does not alone satisfy the needs of your stakeholders, or you would like to dispose of non-core business or assets, we can help you to restructure the asset base of your business by disposing of underperforming assets or non-core parts of the business:

  • You want independent and / or an outside view on your M&A program or case ?
  • You want support for building and implementing a growth strategy ?
  • You want to restructure your asset base or business by disposing underperforming assets / parts of the business ?
  • You want to more stronger develop the value of your business ?
  • You want stronger direction and business development, and a partner that takes overall responsibility ?
  • You want to divest your business ?

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Change management & turnaround case execution

Change management – from design to execution

Today’s business world is highly competitive. The way to success is many times to develop and change the business framework, processes and focus, so that you increasingly well meet the customers developing needs and requirements.

Organizations and the competition are reshaping themselves to change quickly in order to meet the needs of your customers. The organization’s leaders know they can not invest funds and efforts in every problem and need to focus on the “must win” issues and increasingly focus their businesses.

As an owner or board member, you need to emphasize action to make the change as quickly and smoothly as possible, and then move into the next phase of growth and consolidation.

  • Has your business come to a phase where a major transformation might be required ?
  • Do you have the skills and key persons to design and implement this change ?
  • Do you need a committed partner for designing and implementing this change?

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Turnaround leadership – from design to execution

As the owner of a business which is performing poorly and heading towards a distressed situation, one of your alternatives is to engage an experienced leader who can proactively turnaround the direction of the business, by potentially focus the business and giving it a new strategic direction for enabling future growth or by restructuring the business. An experience turnaround leader can help a business develop, implement an effective business plan and secure the business have the key resources and drive to regain its strength in the markets. The success of a turnaround plan rests with achieving a focused direction through key critical decisions and the people on the turnaround team, as well as their ability and willingness to incorporate all of the company’s key employees and personnel in the process.

If you have a business where a turnaround leader is needed, we might be the partner to help you in either exiting the business or designing and implementing the needed change program for your business.

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