March 18, 2016

Business development & advisory services

MAJAKKA_WEB_DrawTech---picture-3Board representations – Independent and professional member for your board?

Are you looking for an independent and professional member for your board, a professional who can based on strong experience, integrity and professionalism, help you develop your company’s and board’s performance ?

We have a pool of potential candidates with a broad range of skills and experiences from a variety of industries and environments. We can support you in potentially finding a good candidate.

The primary responsibility of the board of directors is to develop the shareholders’ assets and ensure they receive a good return on their investment.

A board with a diverse composition secures that you will have an objective assessment of your performance and better can set the agenda for achieving sustainable success. How have you considered your board’s composition by gender, values, perspectives, education, thinking patterns, business and life experiences etc. in relation to your business key future challenges and paths for business developments ?

  • How effective is your board today?

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Advisory assignments

We undertake different kind of advisory assignments, like;

  • Business development
    • market entries, major program facilitations, venture developments, base marketing communication etc.
  • Lobbying activities
    • Nordic / Scandinavian political environment, EU
  • Industrial
    • restructuring, consolidations, teamings, JV’s
  • M&A
    • valuations, business due diligence, option evaluations
  • Leadership resources
    • executive assessments, coaching, searches
    • leadership team, compensation systems


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